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The Book offers a 100% target language
in the right context

Do you have to speak Tax English to your clients? Do you have to talk about tax rates, tax incentives, tax deductions, tax allowances, tax liability and other perplexing tax words? Do you have to advise clients on taxation issues, interpret tax legislation and write tax reports? And all that in English..?

We do understand it is not easy. This is why we have designed a Textbook to help you master the vocabulary you really need, develop your fluency and make you a competent and confident Tax English speaker. The Book will enable you to provide accurate, reliable and concrete answers to your clients’ questions and help you make a full use of your expertise.

The Book offers a 100% target language in the right context, along with the guidance on how to learn new vocabulary, concise revision of key structures in taxation context, numerous speaking activities, writing tasks and a complete glossary of terms.

It has been classroom tested by the top tax consultants, accountants and auditors who contributed to its content. As for the teachers, we have created a Teacher’s Book, an essential companion to the Textbook, with detailed and clear instructions on how to teach the course.

English for Tax Professionals Student's book


Focus on Vocabulary

Introduces the professional vocabulary, key collocations, idiomatic language, jargon and many other key language features.

Speaking Tasks

Designed to improve your fluency and give you a chance to use the new vocabulary in a natural context.

Focus on Grammar

Offers a concise revision of key grammatical structures, set in taxation context.

Reading Tasks

Broadens your understanding of the topic and provides the right context for a further discussion.

Table of Contents

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The Author

Dejan Arsenovski

Dejan Arsenovski

I wanted to create a learning tool that would firmly guide you through the complex world of taxation and equip you with the language skills you need to attain your professional goals.

Dejan Arsenovski is an author, translator and English teacher with a considerable international experience in teaching English for specific purposes. Closely collaborates with the Institute of Economics and Finance, Belgrade, where he has created, developed and taught a number of specialised English courses intended for finance and accounting professionals.

In addition, he has designed and delivered a number of teacher training courses, aimed at providing English teachers with a deeper insight into the subjects such as finance, banking and accounting.

During the course of his career, he has taught English at various government and financial institutions, banks, audit and law firms and other business organisations. Currently, he is translating his combined knowledge of language acquisition and finance issues into the textbooks for other teachers.

What others say

Ljiljana Njegomir

An excellent resource for learning taxation vocabulary, with lots of opportunities to use it and leaving almost no questions unanswered. I particularly liked the way the book explains differences between British and American English.

Ljiljana Njegomir

Certified Auditor at Codex Audit

Slavica Plazinic

A great way to learn the vocabulary I really need to communicate with my clients. The book helped me achieve my professional goals and improve general English skills.

Slavica Plazinic

Accounting Executive at Taxpayer

Buy the e-book now!

Avalaible on Amazon